Concrete Facade Sealing

Protect Your Building’s Beauty and Investment with Laplante Calfeutrage’s Concrete and Facade Sealing and Waterproofing Service.

Why Facade Waterproofing Matters

Water is a building’s worst enemy. Left unchecked, moisture infiltration can silently wreak havoc on your structure, leading to costly repairs.

Benefits of Facade Waterproofing:

• Prevents water damage and protects the building envelope.
• Extends the service life of your building’s exterior.
• Increases energy efficiency by minimizing moisture penetration.
• Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your facade.

Laplante Calfeutrage: Your Trusted Facade Waterproofing Experts

We specialize in customized facade waterproofing solutions for both commercial and residential buildings. Our services cover all types of facades, including balconies and windows, for both new construction and existing buildings.

Why Choose Water-Based Sealers:

• Environmentally friendly: Solvent-free and low VOC for a sustainable approach.
• Effective protection: Provides superior water repellency against rain, snow, and moisture.
• Long-lasting durability: Protects facades from harsh weather conditions and extends their lifespan.
• Improved aesthetics: Enhances the appearance of the facade by maintaining its color and texture.

Experts in concrete and facade sealing for over 25 years

The experts at Laplante Calfeutrage, with over 25 years of experience, are trained to perform concrete and facade sealing with precision and care. We use high-quality and environment safe materials that guarantee optimal adhesion and weather resistance. We have the expertise to deliver superior workmanship.


Additional Advantages:

• Laplante Calfeutrage offers a wide range of water-based sealers for various building materials and facades.
• We use high-quality, certified sealers to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting results.
• Our team of experts adheres to building codes and regulations for proper water-based sealer application.

Invest in Your Building’s Future: Get a Free Consultation Today!

Contact Laplante Calfeutrage for a free consultation and learn how our water-based facade sealing services can protect your building and investment for years to come. We’ll be happy to advise you and offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.