Fire-rated caulking



Security, peace of mind and expertise combined

Fire-rated caulking plays a very important role in protecting the building against fire, and these are their only functions. Given their importance, Firestop joint caulking should not be taken lightly and must be carried out professionally and in accordance with current standards.

Firestop joint caulking for your health and safety

Without these suitable, fire- and smoke-tight protections, the safety of the building would not be ensured. Good firestop joint caulking and good smoke sealing of walls, floors and ceilings with a fire resistance rating, as well as the penetration of objects through walls with a fire resistance rating, make it possible to extend the time to safely evacuate a building in the event of a fire. Our fire seal system is designed to prevent the progression of fire and the spread of smoke and toxic gases. Maintaining adequate fire and smoke barriers also helps reduce damage caused by fire and smoke.

Before installing the joint, our caulking experts prepare the surface:

We carefully clean the area to be treated and the perimeter of the surfaces.

We remove any trace of mortar, cement or other element which could alter the adhesion of the product.

Once the surface is well cleaned, we install a fire-resistant wool before applying the firestop joint caulking resistant.

We offer a professional and aesthetic service, our experts are qualified to ensure that the installation is done in a homogeneous, perfect and harmonious manner. In addition, in the final phase an adhesion test to check the quality and resistance of the joint on the material.

Our fire and safety joint caulking products

The purpose of fire sealants is to seal all small openings to prevent a fire from spreading from one area or compartment to another area or compartment of a building or building. a structure, while limiting material losses due to fire. Fire sealants, like all passive firestop products, have a fire rating that indicates how long they stop fire.


Fire resistant sealant. One-component silicone sealant compliant with CAN/ULS S115 designed for use in firestop systems as described in the Standards Council of Canada’s Register of Accredited Products.

TREMstop Fyre-Sil

TREMstop® Fyre-Sil SL is a neutral-curing, self-leveling silicone sealant designed for use in firestopping applications, including joints and through-hole penetrations.


Silicone-based sealant providing maximum movement in fire joints and pipe penetrations.

The advantages of a good firestop system

Save lives – By giving people enough time to evacuate the building.

Minimize or prevent loss of property.

Give the fire department more time to control and control the situation.

Protect people in other parts of the building.

Strengthen the safety of your space with our expertise in fire-rated caulking. Contact us now for optimal protection against fire risks.