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Caulking of the Condominium Building’s Envelope

Maximize the durability of your condo with Laplante Calfeutrage

Whether it’s a condominium, townhouse or high-rise, exterior sealants remain one of the most important components of a healthy building envelope. Despite this, they are also one of the least understood and maintained components of the building envelope.


Invisible and crucial: Joints in condominium buildings

Keeping a Clear Perspective on Condo Waterproofing

The simplest explanation is that joints are, for the most part, out of sight and therefore out of mind. This is especially true for high-rise condominiums, where much of the caulking is not visible from the ground

Durable condo caulking: Managing replacement challenges in co-ownership

In addition, sealants have a long replacement cycle – 12 to 20 years, depending on the product and environmental exposure. Many changes are likely to occur in a condominium corporation during this time. Board directors and property managers may come and go; a contingency fund study may recommend a sealant replacement project, but higher priority projects may need to be preempted. As a result, a condominium’s caulking and sealing needs can get lost in the shuffle.

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes water damage in multiple apartments or townhouses to get property managers and administrators thinking about condo caulking. A single leaky condominium can result in significant damage to the entire building and the resulting insurance premiums and deductibles.


air and water leaks occur at 1% of building sealant locations

It is estimated that 90% of air and water leaks occur at one percent of building sealant locations, that is, at vulnerable locations such as terminations, transitions and penetrations. . It is essential to ensure that the exterior of a condominium is properly sealed.


Effective strategies for townhouses and high-rise condominiums

Optimizing waterproofing for townhouses and high-rise buildings

For townhouses, proper caulking of perimeters, trim and wood siding not only reduces energy costs, keeps moisture and pests out, and minimizes mold growth, but also extends the life of the wood and painted finish. For high-rise condominiums, taking the opportunity to examine and replace sealants while addressing exterior painting and concrete repairs leverages the staging equipment already in place, keeping costs down, minimizing disruption to residents, and proactively reducing additional damage, repairs, and costs.

Prudent Management: Replacement of Sealants in Real Estate

Due to the length of a sealant cycle, many property managers and administrators may not have much experience initiating and overseeing a sealant replacement project. Add to that the technical nature of the materials and techniques used, as well as the health and safety aspects (especially when working in high-rise buildings), and the whole prospect can be overwhelming for those with limited experience in this type of work.

Wise property management: Condo caulking experts for a smooth transition

Property managers and board directors need tools to avoid frustration and disappointment before they begin the sealant replacement process. The experts at Laplante Calfeutrage are available to provide a complete and detailed inspection of your building’s caulking. We work closely with condominium corporations while providing a free estimate service and superior caulking products such as Dowsil CWS.

Maximize benefits through consistent replacement of sealants

Sealant replacement is a substantial investment and, if done properly, will protect the property and save on heating, cooling and repair costs. To realize the full benefits of sealant replacement, the project must be done properly and conscientiously.

Ensure the lasting protection of your condo with our caulking expertise

Condominium weather stripping may only represent one percent of the façade, but it is integral to protecting 100 percent of the owners’ investment in a property. Although these areas represent an extremely small percentage of the building’s construction, billions of dollars are spent on repairing and replacing the building envelope. Whether it’s a townhouse or a high-rise building, it’s important to remember that sealants may be invisible, but they should never be forgotten.

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