Brick and concrete joints caulking



Durable protection that stands the test of time.

The importance of good brick and concrete joints caulking

Control and expansion joints in brick are of paramount importance to the proper functioning and durability of a building. Given their importance, brick joints caulking should not be taken lightly and must be carried out professionally and in accordance with current standards. Designed to facilitate continued movement in the building structure over the years caused by the expansion and contraction of sealant joints due to temperature variations and weather.

Our expert sealing process for lasting durability

Our team of specialists remove the old joints in place and then the surface to be sealed is cleaned of mortar and material residues so as not to harm the adhesion of the new sealant. Once the bricks or masonry is completely dry so that the caulking adheres properly, we install a bead of the correct size before proceeding with the sealing. Finally, the brick joints are applied uniformly, homogeneously, aesthetically and of the right width with the best recommended products. In addition, in the final phase, we carry out an adhesion test to check the quality and resistance of the joint on the material.

Laplante Calfeutrag uses the best appropriate sealant products adapted to your needs in order to adequately insulate your building to prevent the passage of air and water and to improve the visual appearance of the entire construction. Whether concrete or brick masonry, it is very important that the brick joint caulking products used in an expansion joint system are soft and elastic. Thus to allow structures to expand and contract; therefore, the sealant must be able to accommodate movement without cracking and tearing at the same time.

Dowsil CCS contractors concrete sealant

A silicone sealant that provides durability, flexibility and creates watertight seals. It is very resistant to humidity and can be used on all types of masonry.

Adfast Im 4600 series

Manufactured to the highest standards, sealant can be used on plastic, painted metals, masonry, glass and anodized aluminum. It works perfectly for interior and exterior projects, but its best qualities are its non-corrosiveness and its high resistance to UV rays.

At Laplante Calfeutrage, we take caulking seriously. By carefully selecting the appropriate sealants for the job and application, we make your building watertight and energy efficient for absolute comfort. For more than 20 years, we have been serving the entire greater Montreal region as well as the south shore and the north shore on the south shore of Montreal.

If the time has come to caulk the expansion joints of your residence, commercial or industrial building, do not hesitate to contact us to request a free estimate for all caulking work! A member of our team will be able to answer all your questions and advise you on the best options available to you!